SERVICE INFORMATION The breeding operation is the foundation of the broiler meat production. We are responsible for optimum production of quality settable eggs ready for hatching at the least possible cost through implementation of proper flock management, sound bio-security practices and cost effective medication and vaccination program. It’s a tie-up between the company and the breeder agrimates wherein the company supplies the parent stocks, feeds, medicines and vaccines and the technical services while the breeder agrimates serves as a consignee in the over-all management of the breeder stocks from day old up to the culling time, but of course under the supervision and guidance of the company’s technical staff. The parent stocks are procured from local sources while some are imported from other countries. Here, we maintain the best breed with the highest genetic potential focusing more on the quality of the end product. We also employ the use of advanced technologies like tunnel-ventilated type of housing and other new but proven management practices. COMPANY REQUIREMENTS
  1. Government Permits and Licenses
    • Barangay Clearance
    • Zoning Clearance
    • Business Permit
  2. Cash held in Trust (Bond/Collateral-REM)
    • Cash bond of P150.00 per day old pullet
    • In lieu of cash bond, real state properties are accepted ascollateral
  • Farm site at least 1km away from existing poultry farm
  • All weather roads
  • Poultry building with minimum capacity of 10,000 breeder
  • Warehouse and other support facilities
  • Boy’s quarters
  • Power, light and water
  • Egg van and delivery trucks
MAN POWER REQUIREMENTS (for 10,000 capacity)
  • Farm Manager
  • Farm Recorder
  • Flock man for every 2,000 birds
  • Utility man for every 5,000 birds
  • Feed-in charge
  • Egg Classifier
  • Farm Driver
  • Roving Guard