Sustamina Agri-Industrial Corporation serves primarily the continuously growing livestock industry in Cavite. Since 1999, the contract growing business has linked the company to the neighboring areas and other municipalities of the province. From a handful group of contract growers, the venture flourished and members swelled, further increasing the market base for Sustamina. Growth continued and the breeding operation went on to breed day-old-chicks without importation to have total control over the quality of the inputs for the contract growing business. Moreover, its wholly owned and home-grown chicken brand Sustamina Chicken was successfully launched and distributed not only for mass base consumption but also in groceries, supermarkets and institutional clients.

To further solidify its growing edge over other agri-industrial companies, Sustamina Agri-Industrial Corporation inched toward swine production, a fully equipped modern hatchery and dressing plant. Aware that the market is highly competitive at the same time dominated by multinationals, Sustamina Agri-Industrial Corporation continuous to forge ahead with its future plan to include table egg production and meat processing. Today, the company has able to penetrate established footholds of manufacturing giants and has in fact become a byword for high quality. For a relatively young company, citations and awards have been given in recognition of its progress and contribution to the community it serves.
Business Mission
Sustamina Agri-Industrial Corporation's business mission is to provide business and technical linkages to SUSTAMINA AGRI-MATES in all areas of strategic operations. The company shall endeavor to be the prime movers of business anchored in Agri and Agro productivity.

Company Vision
Sustamina Agri-Industrial Corporation aims to be the first in the development of strong business links with SUSTAMINA AGRI-MATES thru the utilization of innovative, strategic technology and recognition of equitable company existence with our partners.